Our purpose at Pleiades Initiative is to reveal the mystery and majesty of human development as indicated in the Waldorf Curriculum.  Inherent in this design is an understanding of the Human Being in Body, Soul and Spirit, our integration with the Kingdoms of Nature, and our reflection in the Cosmic Order.  The renewal of education depends on both parents and teachers finding their way. to a new paradigm that addresses the Whole Child.   We believe that Waldorf Education is the approach which engages the child most masterfully at every level in an age-appropriate manner.

Rudolf Steiner left directions for teachers that literally inspire them to reach for the stars!   

A concrete knowledge of man, with the power of seeing right into man himself, is the only possible basis for a true art of education – an art of education whereby students may find their place in life, and subject to the laws of their own destiny develop all their powers to the full  …  to the fullest clarity of thought, the most loving deepening of his feeling, and the greatest possible energy and ability of will. 

Pleiades Initiative Teacher Training Program began working with the first group of trainees on Saturday, August 18, 2012.   The training covers Kindergarten through High School instruction in a manner that vigorously responds to Steiner’s vision.  Our focus is on “seeing right into man himself.”  No matter what age-level you aim to work with in the classroom, you will be able to address the students in your care in such a way that each one goes forth in life equipped with an array of tools to use for fulfilling his destiny.   The next group will begin the training in August 2015.

Our faculty consists of highly regarded Waldorf teachers with long-standing experience.  In addition to faculty members from the Austin Waldorf School, we invite master teachers from other Waldorf communities in America as well as countries abroad to fill out the program.  This is also a training that will benefit parents and other career professionals, especially anyone seeking a broader understanding of the evolution of human consciousness.

If you have a keen interest in becoming a teacher using the insights found in Waldorf Education, contact us by submitting the form below or call Kathryn King, Executive Director (phone 512-356-9243).  Before being accepted into the program, we ask that you send in an application and schedule an interview.   You will need to request the password in order to download the application.  Enrolling in the program requires a strong commitment and ability to remain steadfast for a three-year period.  The classes are held on three out of every four Saturdays approximately, from mid-August to mid-May.  There are reading assignments and various projects to work on outside of class.  Certain courses are open for auditing, and special one-day lecture/workshops are open to the public on occasion.  Let us know if you would like to be on the mailing list to receive notice of open events or receive newsletters by filling in the form on the contact page.  

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