We are Pleiades Initiative


The Pleiades Initiative aims to create a center of anthroposophically-based activities in the Austin area that promotes cultural/spiritual enrichment, viable economic endeavors, and a renewed sense of commitment to community development. A commitment to conscious community life includes understanding and appreciation for the differences between people as well as our similarities. It includes the intent to identify, share and distribute resources in an efficient and sustainable manner while retaining autonomy, and it includes a desire to celebrate the web of life that unites all living forms. Our course of action will be accomplished through services, programs and events.  Topics will focus on:

-Healthcare, nutrition, and food preparation

-Gardening, farming and Earth stewardship

-Artistic development and crafting skills

-Economic partnerships, commercial operations, and community funded projects

-Continuing education courses in anthroposophy and human experience

-Constructing communal facilities, providing private and shared residential options with sustainable ecological practices